2017 Best Photographer in the Blue Ridge!

dsc08792This year couldn’t have had a better start. I am absolutely filled with joy to have picked up this month’s copy of Blue Ridge Outdoors. We did a little phone interview and there is an article about the road to photography for me, they also bought a photo from this fall for the Cover of the Best of the Blue Ridge Story. I was buzzing with excitement when I got the call. This will be the year I take the leap of faith to pursue my dreams, and receiving such a title gives me that much more of a boost in confidence that everything is going to be just fine. I couldn’t be more lucky to have such supportive people surrounding me, believing in me and pushing me to grow! It helps to have some insanely talented photographer and adventure friends too! I have taken about two months off from really shooting perso
nal work due to training the puppy and working on some exciting new projects BUT this weekend is calling for snow and I will be out until my fingers fall off or my legs stop working!

P.S. Brindley and I just applied for their Live Outside and Play job opening!!! We admire the folks we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with at Blue Ridge Outdoors, it’s not just a job, they live and breathe the outdoors, every day. We would be so excited to become part of the team! The job consists of living on the road for 8 months, creating content, videos, photos, articles to share on social media and representing them at festivals. Cross your fingers for dsc08789us!

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