So I landed the Cover of Backpacker Magazine. My first NATIONAL Magazine cover. We have been doing business for a few months now I am beyond grateful to have them on board as a client. When I first got into Photography they shared an image I took on the Instagram featured section of the mag. It’s like 1 inch x 1 inch. I was so stoked I couldn’t believe it. Two years later and we’ve moved up a tad 😀

I remember buying an issue when I first moved here and reading all the tips and tricks. I couldn’t afford the proper gear but I just had to try it. We headed to the Linville Gorge with sleeping bags tied to the bottom of Jansport book bags. It was probably one of the biggest disaster trips I’ve ever been on, but still, it completely blew me away. The unknown, the views, the fresh air, pushing my body and belongings up and down mountains to reach the next unknown vista, peaking my head out at night to the most stars I have ever seen and most importantly I wasn’t spending my weekends at a party / bar or hungover on the couch. I was living and continue to do so to this day. That being said I encourage you all to try something new and don’t let lack of experience stop you!